Additional Services

Entry-Level Administrator Mentoring

In today's education landscape, principals often face overwhelming demands, leaving little time for guiding new assistant principals. Mentoring these new administrators is vital for both their success and that of the building principal.

With RLM Education Consultant Services, former high school principal Robert McKiernan will conduct regular meetings and consultations to aid the assistant principal's professional growth, addressing their role's demands. Session frequency depends on individual needs or district norms. Topics, like student management, family communication, teacher evaluation, and investigations, will be customized to enhance skills and foster school improvement.

Implementing PLC

Extensive research confirms that schools benefit from authentic professional learning communities and witness notable progress in student achievement. Collaborative engagement among district and building leaders, teacher-leaders, and faculty will  establish a sustainable model for such communities as inspired by Rick DuFour.

With RLM Education Consulting Services, former high school principal Robert McKiernan will conduct regular meetings with teacher leaders and teams that center on clarifying essential learning standards. Session frequency aligns with individual team needs or district norms. Teachers will cooperatively design frequent, low-stakes common formative assessments for these key standards. Together, teachers and administrators will strategize system-wide support for students struggling with critical standards and offer enrichment opportunities for those already proficient.


At RLM Education Consultant Services, we recognize that school district and building leaders are confronted with the critical challenge of enhancing teacher development and retention. To address this, we offer a comprehensive system design that commences with the acknowledgment that school administrators cannot mentor, coach and develop new teachers alone. To achieve a system that effectively addresses new teacher needs on a collective and individual basis, schools must cultivate a continuum of support similar to the MTSS Framework.  One critical feature of this framework draws inspiration from the successful instructional coaching model developed by the Chicago Coaching Center.

Our approach is centered on the development of an MTSS Framework for Adults, mirroring the innovative model pioneered by the Glenwood Community School District in Iowa. Through our services, we aim to empower school districts to supercharge their teacher induction program by building a supportive ecosystem that leverages the expertise of teacher leaders as well as administrators. This collaborative effort not only promotes the professional growth of new teachers but also creates an inclusive and nurturing environment in which they can thrive. By capitalizing on the collective knowledge and skills of educators at all levels, RLM Education Consultant Services enables school districts to develop a cadre of instructional coaches that will engage with new teachers in a manner consistent with the continuum of interventions of the MTSS framework for adults.  

Substantial Equivalency Review

Education Law §3204(2) places a new and vital responsibility on school districts to ensure that instruction in nonpublic schools is substantially equivalent to what public schools offer. At the same time, district oversight of home schooling becomes even more challenging in the face of an average increase in home-schooled children of 195%* in districts serving the mid-Hudson Valley, as parents are increasingly turning to homeschooling as an educational choice for their children over the last five years. 

With RLM Education Consultant Services, former high school principal Robert McKiernan provides school districts with extensive experience in educational leadership, compliance, and assessment to navigate this changing landscape. His experience positions him to assist districts in conducting reviews to certify substantial equivalence, aligning with Education Law and Commissioner's Regulation 100.10. These reviews serve as an essential tool to ensure that homeschooled children and those attending private schools receive an education comparable to that provided in public schools, regardless of the educational path they follow.

Collaboration between RLM Education Consultant Services and the school district is a critical step to address the changing educational landscape in a manner that respects the diverse educational choices made by parents. By conducting these reviews, Robert McKiernan can assist the district in upholding the education standards, ensuring students have access to quality education, whether in home school or nonpublic educational settings while protecting the time administrators need to focus on district priorities.  

Source: Washington Post, October 31, 2023

School Building Budgeting

By entrusting  the management of  budget planning to RLM Education Consultant Services, former high school principal Robert McKiernan enables school administrators to free up substantial time previously spent on management tasks. This strategic move empowers building administrators to focus on core district objectives such as moving the mission and vision of the district forward by improving academic outcomes, enhancing curriculum development, fostering teacher professional development, and strengthening community engagement. 

In doing so, building administrators can harness their expertise and leadership to drive positive educational change within their schools, ultimately benefiting students, educators, and the broader community. This approach ensures that administrators allocate their time and energy where it matters most-- on instructional leadership, ultimately optimizing the educational experience for all stakeholders in the district.

DASA and workplace investigations

With RLM Education Consultant Services, former high school principal Robert McKiernan will relieve school administrators from investigating DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) reports and workplace complaints to offer substantial cost savings by efficiently managing school administrator time. School administrators have a myriad of responsibilities, and dedicating their time to thorough investigations can detract from their ability to focus on instructional leadership and strategic planning. 

Through partnership, school districts can rely on an experienced professional to conduct these investigations swiftly, ensuring that complaints are addressed objectively, impartially, promptly and professionally. Using past experience to collect facts, conduct interviews and make determinations, school administrators will be  furnished with comprehensive final reports. This not only speeds up the resolution process but also reduces the administrative burden on school leaders who can then allocate their time and expertise to critical educational priorities.

streamline staffing

With RLM Education Consultant Services, former high school principal Robert McKiernan will assist schools in optimizing human resources practices by crafting building-specific job descriptions that align staffing with both the building and district's overarching mission and vision. Utilizes best practices to ensure that new staff members are not only qualified but also share a common educational philosophy and vision. 

 Collaborating closely with school administration and staff to create comprehensive, tailored job descriptions that not only outline the necessary qualifications and responsibilities but also emphasize the alignment of each role with the school's unique educational goals. This approach not only ensures that school staffing decisions are strategic and purposeful but also enhances overall employee satisfaction and engagement, ultimately contributing to the attainment of the district's mission and vision.


With RLM Education Consultant Services, former high school principal Robert McKiernan will assist your school building in efficiently coordinating state assessments and Regents Examinations to allow school administrators to stay focused on advancing the mission and vision of the district. Organization and management of the development of a large-scale assessment program ensures a smooth and stress-free process for the school.

By working closely with building administration, Robert McKiernan will provide a meticulous testing schedule that aligns with past building practices while adhering to state guidelines and deadlines. Understanding the importance of continuity, priority will be given to  maintaining established testing routines to minimize disruptions. Management of all logistical details, including providing stakeholder  communication templates for messaging, room assignments, testing accommodations, proctoring assignments, materials and supplies acquisition is included. This comprehensive approach ensures that the assessment process is seamless and efficient, allowing administrators to allocate their valuable time and expertise to their primary responsibilities.

Safe learning Solutions

RLM Education Consultant Services can be a partner in providing comprehensive workplace violence prevention training for schools. With the recent amendment to New York State labor law  §27-b, it is now a legal requirement for districts to prioritize workplace violence prevention as both policy and practice. As school administrators, ensuring the safety and well-being of your staff and students is paramount, and RLM Education Consultant Services is poised to assist districts in fulfilling the requirement for workplace violence prevention training.

Services include implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) strategies, which have proven to be highly effective in preventing school violence incidents. We offer flexible options to meet your specific needs. Option one includes our comprehensive school violence prevention and de-escalation training, equipping your staff (including clerical workers, aides, bus drivers and custodians) with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and handle potential incidents. Option two goes a step further, providing a tailored PBIS program designed specifically for your school building. This holistic approach fosters a positive and inclusive school culture, promoting respectful behaviors and preventing conflicts before they arise.