Strategic Scheduling

In high schools across the Hudson Valley, every May brings a familiar challenge: a struggle to balance students' aspirations for college-level classes with the needs of struggling students. School officials face the daunting task of denying students access to desired classes due to low enrollment, prompting inevitable inquiries from concerned parents.

Simultaneously, administrators identify seniors at risk of not graduating, often due to elective classes that are more relevant to individual instructors than to students. This disconnect between student needs and course relevance leads to stressful situations where vital projects become make-or-break for graduation.

What's missing? A strategic and precise school scheduling approach.

Imagine a solution that mitigates these yearly challenges by strategically managing high-interest/low-enrollment and low-interest/high-enrollment courses. Precision techniques will also ensure equitable service for all students while optimizing staffing, time, and space resources responsibly. 

At almost $16,000 to $20,000 per instructional minute per year,* your master schedule is your single most important tool for time and fiscal management.  

Unlock the potential of your school with our expert master scheduling services. Former principal Robert McKiernan specializes in crafting student-centric, mission-aligned schedules that prioritize core courses and specialized services, ensuring every student's success. Our strategic analysis and optimization approach maximize staff impact, making us the ideal choice for transforming your school or district's scheduling process.

Source: Median Salaries Southern Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster  October 26, 2023